Trans Pecos

The Story of Stolen Land and the Loss of America’s Last Frontier

TRANS PECOS is a timely intervention weaving together the issues of land and water rights, while painting an honest portrait of what is to come if we allow oil interest to supersede public good. It is a cautionary tale meant to inspire people from every walk of life to take action and work toward the change that can happen if informed citizens and those in power hold oil and gas companies accountable.

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Premiere screening at the Stateside theater in
Austin. TX | February 23rd. 2020 | 4:00 p.m

Director | Producer : Nicol Ragland
DP | Producer: Corbett Jones
Producer: Anna Rau

A Co-production with THE RANGE

TRANS PECOS is a grant receipt from Patagonia, The Hershey Foundation and Rockefeller Family Fund