Field Notes


MEG on RAGLAND RANCH 1024 574 Nicol Ragland

Shot the beautiful, Meg Greathouse, on RAGLAND RANCH. Mostly @ 1.4

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The Investigation Of Bees

The Investigation Of Bees 1024 683 Nicol Ragland

Mike Favors is a part time private investigator as well as part time bee keeper. After close to 30 years…

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LUXIERE 1024 600 Nicol Ragland

Ragland is founder and executive director of the nonprofit REGENERATE OKLAHOMA (, dedicated to advancing regenerative agriculture practices in Oklahoma,…

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RegenNarration | Podcast

RegenNarration | Podcast 800 800 Nicol Ragland

A conversation I had with Anthony James out of Australia for the podcast ~ RegenNarration. Thoughts on the litany of…

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Urban Vs. Rural

Urban Vs. Rural 1024 683 Nicol Ragland

After meandering the planet and many years on the west coast, I’ve found my way back to red dirt country…

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Voices From Both Sides

Voices From Both Sides 1000 667 Nicol

Every year in a border town called Lajitas, hundreds of people gather among the waters of the Rio Grande. For…

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Guernica | The Mirage: Writing and Upheaval in the Chihuahuan Desert

Guernica | The Mirage: Writing and Upheaval in the Chihuahuan Desert 1024 683 Nicol

The northern Chihuahuan Desert was drowned, kneaded, jabbed, choked with ash for half a billion years of geologic tumult. Now…

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