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Shot the beautiful, Meg Greathouse, on RAGLAND RANCH. Mostly @ 1.4

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The Investigation Of Bees

Mike Favors is a part time private investigator as well as part time bee keeper. After close to 30 years as a special agent for the IRS, tracking down tax evasion and money laundering he decided to retire at the young age of 50. Bee keeping was, of course, the hobby that nourished his inherent quality of curiosity.
‘The engineering of the honeycomb, they say, is the most efficient usage of shape and strength. I wanna know who makes the decisions in these hives.’
The bee lives less than 40 days, visit at least 1000 flowers and produces less than a teaspoon of honey. For us its just a teaspoon of honey, but for the bee its a lifetime.
Bees lie at the heart of our survival and yet every year bees are experiencing massive die-offs throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2017, the rusty patched bumblebee was the first bee added to the endangered species list in the continental U.S. A 2019 survey from the Bee Informed Partnership states that nearly 40% of U.S. beekeepers lost their colonies during the previous year. Compared to 1947, the U.S. honeybee population has declined by 60%.
Such a gift to find Mike just down the
road from Ragland Ranch. Quite grateful for his efforts
and ongoing investigation to learn how bees can teach
humans of collective intelligence. Much to learn from them.
Find Mike and his honey @ Honey’s Honey OKC
and to learn more on protecting these creatures,
here are TEN ways to do so.
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Ragland is founder and executive director of the nonprofit REGENERATE OKLAHOMA (, dedicated to advancing regenerative agriculture practices in Oklahoma, and also a photographer and documentary filmmaker who has traveled the world, absorbing the wisdom of the cultures she’s explored. It all comes down to this: “We’ve written ourselves out of the definition of nature. The more I’ve immersed myself in the regenerative agriculture movement, the more I realize there is nothing else to talk about.” Not naturally given to hyperbole, she pauses and smiles. “Let me rephrase that. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for our food system, farmers, the environment and the wild.”

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RegenNarration | Podcast

A conversation I had with Anthony James out of Australia for the podcast ~ RegenNarration.
Thoughts on the litany of issues in the wake of ‘big agriculture’ and its related systems,
going home, empowering rural communities, the building of REGENERATE OKLAHOMA
and the importance of regenerative media …ultimately, changing the story within our food system and collective health.
Big thanks to Anthony.
Such a thoughtful interviewer. ????????
Listen HERE
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Urban Vs. Rural

After meandering the planet and many years on the west coast, I’ve found my
way back to red dirt country close to cowboys, home grown tomatoes and neighbors helping neighbors.

I grew up in front of a big creek where my brother and I would
wait for the downpour of rain in order to crawdad hunt, gather half dollar
turtles and make infirmaries out of shoe boxes for the
ones who didn’t survive the flood.

My grandparents on both sides were rural Oklahoma folk.
We’d visit for a day or a weekend to return with a bucket of strawberries
and dirty fingernails. Somewhere in my DNA, that conditioning
always felt like home. While Los Angeles was a big chapter in my life,
my boots never sank deep enough and my frequency never quite in tune.

Over the last several years, I’ve directed films addressing the health impact due to chemical farming, the growing movement in Regenerative Agriculture and the industrialization of far West Texas. All of which has taken place in rural communities. In so doing, the time frame just so happen to coincide with the acceleration of a divide in our nation that we’ve never seen before. A division often reflected in our civic discourse as rural vs.urban. As I document these boarded up regions enveloped in dust devils and entrails of the industrial medusa, I can’t help to wonder just how we stop these powerful forces building on the economic decline of rural America.

They are places that hold a moral coherence
that should be mandatory in schools. They try not to use Amazon
so they can support local businesses.
They stay clear of self checkout lanes so they can support
local workers and they’re fanatics when it
comes to supporting the local arts.

In addition, these rural communities hold the land stewards
that provide the food, fiber, and energy that cities
cannot create for themselves.

The truth is that urban America needs rural stewards
who harness the productivity of rural America
while maintaining its sustainability. There, in lies, UNITY. A common word used these days in an
effort to mend our divided nation.

What if it’s not about solving but about maintaining a connection?
What if we took a different bridge?
What if we listened to those on the other side of the tracks?
How can we spread the civic mind-set rural folks carry but in abundance?

Robert Frost teaches us to be ‘versed in country things’.
Country things like wide open country, an exhale we couldn’t
find in a concrete jungle, the cacophony of the wild
and a reminder that silence is endangered.

I’ve become real grateful to circle back home to
these red dirt roots of Oklahoma. It just may be central to bridge building.