nicol ragland

Nicol Ragland

After a long term photographic and film exploration into humanity’s relationship to culture and the wild, Ragland finds culture to be an accumulation of ideas where we explore ways of exploring. This infinite play is where she’s found the best terrain to collaborate, listen carefully and recognize expansion due to authoring and co-authoring.

Photographs and films have become her best challenge to create imagery that does not cause dispute but rather reconfigure who we are.
An aesthetic meant to push boundaries and bridge difference.

JESSE@TINKER-STREET.COM | +1 845 901 6677


Between Two Worlds
Market Gallery
Venice Beach, CA | March 2013

Crossroads : Change In Rural America
Smithsonian Exhibit
Boley, OK | May 2022

Paul Michael Gallery
Roundtop, TX | October 2022

Trusted by: Patagonia, Toyota, Driscolls, PBS Newshour, Target, Guernica, The Intercept, LA Weekly, PAX Scientific, International Fund for Animal Welfare, The Millennium Village of Rwanda, World Neighbors, The Cine Institute of Haiti, RCS Australia and The Center for Public Integrity

Born and raised in Oklahoma and Colorado.
Eighteen years in Los Angeles to then circle
back to the Oklahoma ‘RAGLAND RANCH’.

BA Environmental Science – University of Denver
BA Photography – Colorado Institute of Art


In gratitude, Nicol

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