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January 2024

POETIC JUSTICE : The Art Of Healing 1024 684 Nicol Ragland

POETIC JUSTICE : The Art Of Healing

She was full of despair
Life full of sadness and glum
Her addiction consumed.

​She discovered hope
Every day a new beginning
To find her freedom.

​The future awaits
unchartered territory
anxious heart be still.

​Written by : Courtney Q.

One of many extraordinary women who are participating
in the Poetic Justice program. Poetic Justice’s mission is to offer opportunities for
healing and growth by holding space to process trauma and rewrite personal narratives
to transform the story of incarceration.

My dear sister, Amy Janes and I are in production for an upcoming documentary on their extraordinary
efforts along with the many stories of those behind bars.
Stay tuned as it’s a testament to the power of art and healing even in the most traumatic of circumstances.
So much gratitude to Ellen Stackable + her team as well as inmates who continue to trust us with our cameras. 🙏



In lock step, a forward gaze, and a discipline that took years.. they marched for blocks.
Head held high with a history as America’s westernmost, historical black college – Langston University

Tailgates from every direction, historical antique cars , roundup clubs , kings and queens and alumni from
50 years ago took pride in the gathering. Together, they amplified that one,
timeless sound that only comes from a local parade.

Nothing but pure joy in documenting such a special event.
In gratitude to Willard Tillman, Sherman Lewis and Sonya Davis to work on assignment
for the Department of Agriculture. Short film to come…